Understanding Your Grief: Touchstones for Hope and Healing (Free Community Event)


We look forward to having you join us for this one-day workshop of hope and healing. Participants will be able to quietly reflect on their losses and honor their own unique grief journey. Plan to join us and learn about the “Touchstones” that can support you now and in the future.

Why This Program:

This program will help all of us understand how loss influences our lives. You will be able to embrace the uniqueness of your grief, quietly reflect on your feelings of loss, learn about the six essential needs we all have when someone dies, and come to understand the difference between “reconciling” your grief and “resolving” your grief. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of North America’s leading grief counselors. RSVP below to ensure your registration.

Who Should Attend:

This compassionate program will be helpful to anyone who is experiencing grief in their lives. If you know anyone who may benefit from this opportunity to embrace hope and healing, please let them know about this program. We look forward to having you with us.


Among the content areas to be explored in this program are the following: 

  • Setting Your Own Pace for the Journey: Understanding the Need to Suspend
  • Exploring the Loss of Self, Security, Meaning
  • Understanding the Concept of “Touchstones”
  • Touchstone: Open to the Presence of Your Loss
  • Touchstone: Dispel the Misconceptions About Grief
  • Touchstone: Explore the Uniqueness of Your Grief
  • Touchstone: Explore Your Feelings of Loss
  • Touchstone: Understand the Six Needs of Mourning 
  • Touchstone: Nurture Yourself
  • Touchstone: Reach Out for Help
  • Touchstone: Seek “Reconciliation,” Not “Resolution”

About the Presenter:

Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt is a noted author, educator, and grief counselor. Recipient of the Association for Death Education and Counseling’s Death Educator Award, he serves as the Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition (www.centerforloss.com), in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is also a faculty member of the University of Colorado Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine.

In addition to presenting dozens of keynotes and workshops across North America each year, Dr. Wolfelt facilitates 4‐day training seminars for bereavement caregivers in Fort Collins. Dr. Wolfelt is a popular media resource who regularly provides his expertise to many top‐tier television shows, newspapers, and magazines.

He is the author of more than fifty bestselling books on grief and loss, including Loving From the Outside in, Mourning From the Inside Out; Understanding Your Grief; The Journey Through Grief; Companioning the Bereaved: A Soulful Guide for Caregivers; Healing a Spouse’s Grieving Heart; Companioning the Grieving Child; Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart; and Creating Meaningful Funeral Ceremonies.

Dr. Wolfelt and his wife Sue, a family physician, are parents to three children. They live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains next door to the Center for Loss and Life Transition.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm


GVSU Eberhard Center
301 West Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49504


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